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Breeding for an international sports career

To us it is very important to breed and train young horses with the potential to succeed in the world of international show jumping.


We pick our broodmares based on their show jumping ability, excellent performance lines in their pedigree, their mindset and character. For the best outlook of their progeny we aim to match them with the top performing stallions in the show jumping business.

Why buy from us

horse care

We keep high standards with our horses, with a lot of human contact and training from a very young age.

A keen
eye for talent

We are always on the lookout for talented showjumpers whether it is our next brood mare or a young up and coming stallion.

The best bloodlines

We only breed our mares to the best stallions available, carefully evaluating the best combinations of build, scope, power and temperament.

From foal to superstar

We make sure that our foals have every possible opportunity to become your future superstar.

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